Disclaimer: this article may/will offend you. The authors, Ascendant - Izanagi and Kaizival will be talking in depth on the intricacies hidden within High School DxD! Without further ado, let's dive in!

Kai: Ooh, I kind of remember this one. This is the anime that taught me the true meaning of good plot, with some absolutely vivacious backstory! But other than that...what was it about again?

Izzy(Ascendant): How could you forget?! ...... It's a bit old, I guess. Let me refresh your memory with a series of screencaps....



Izzy: so that's the story so far, pretty intense, wouldn't you say?

Kai: if there were remembrance feels, I'd be feeling them. I remember a bit now, by why all the Rias emphasis? Ara ara ufufufu.


Izzy: I wouldn't say that the story is that great, pretty generic, easy setup for a harem anime.

Kai: I thought that was pretty much the point, I disliked New (season 2) because they poured on all the wrong types of plot and backstory. I got kind of bored with all the "fallen angel" this and "something biblical" that.

Izzy: It was trying hard to go for a 'serious' tone, but there were just too many boobs in the way. I do feel that the story could be improved upon, by actually giving Issei a brain.


Kai: But...Izanagi...the whole thing is about oppai, at least on the surface.

Izzy: I guess we can't take compare it to a serious anime, but as a harem anime, it's the king of generic cliche moments. And does that repeatedly. How many times does Issei have to fall on girls?!

Kai: Well, this is where we'll have to diverge a bit. I'm not going to compare DxD to Shakespeare, but I'd just finished watching other harem animes involving dweeby ass freaks who never made a move on the girls and who were always just trying to constantly avoid the oh so uncomfortable contact with the funbags. Those sort of harem leads always bugged me because of how utterly unrealistic they were for teenage boys, for cryin' out loud, at least Issei admits he's a full steam ahead perv and acts on it.


Izzy: I do see that he has above average qualities for a harem lead, but those qualities sometimes clash with his shounen style 'good guy' tropes, especially when he tries to save people. That quality seems to be abundant in all harem leads.

Kai: Well, perhaps time for some unnecessary social commentary, but I think in Japan a lot of guys are or think they are those same dweebs you see in harem anime, which is why those characters are appealing, but also useful as they don't interfere with the fanservice. So for me, Issei was a gulp of fresh air. But question: Have you watched DxD's English dub by Funimation?

Izzy: Nah, I always keep to subs, and occasionally, I watch without either.

Kai: That's usually my mantra as well, but they completely redid Issei from the subbed version, infusing him much more personality, and mix that with funny writing he was actually pretty great for a harem lead. "Lechery is my strength, lechery is my just-


Izzy: but anyway, back to the review! *slaps Kai*

*as Izanagi is brother from another mother he feels the burn*

Izzy: So, art wise, I feel the anime is pretty well rounded, animation's fluid, designs are cool, though there are quite a few stills, especially in the first season. One big quibble for me is that the hair looks quite plastic.


Kai: The parts where you could tell they put in a lot of work were pretty outstanding. I never noticed anything with the hair, I really liked the semi-bishonen sparkle effect Rias' hair got sometimes, especially with her slo-mo hair wave fanservice. In general, I felt like TNK did a great job on their interpretation of the human form, as well as Rias herself. I love what they did with Rias' eyes here btw.


Izzy: I do love how the armour designs look, especially the red dragon Emperor armor!

Kai: Agreed, but it'd be cool if the Occult Research Club got their own armors as well. Kinda like Issei's demon girlfriend had her devil suit, but slightly less smutty? Only Akeno got a transformation, and like once.


Izzy: *cough* I think we can agree that the main draw of a harem anime, besides the fan service, are the characters! I definitely liked that character that went ara ara all the time.... What's the name dammit.

Kai: In the characters department, I really loved Rias, she was fierce and sexy in the English dub. Surprisingly, I also sympathized with and even connected with her as a character and as a waifu, when she told Issei she wanted to be loved as Rias, not just as some devil king's daughter. I felt like I got to know a "walking tits" character stereotype on a much deeper level.

What was your best girl Izanagi? Maybe the voluptuous Akeno, or the nyanderful Koneko? Hmm…


Izzy: How can you dismiss the GIGANTIC talent of Yoko Hikasa?! I do realize this is the characters section, so I'll let you off for now.

Hmm, I would have to say my favourite character is actually Asia. True she holds the title of recurring 'damsel-in-distress' but I also feel that she's a good influence on Issei, thus granting her a good status as a character development catalyst.


Kai: Is that why she's your favorite? I admire your choice because—-

*Izzy interrupts*

Izzy: not just that. I have a fetish for relatively small chests.

Kai: You're just that special! But here goes, it's been something I've been wondering for a very long time:

How much do we, as males (I think?) evaluate a female character's worth based on appearance, but tell ourselves it's their deeper traits that make them precious to us? I mean, you like Asia because she's not a tease like the others and seems to have good intents, but your fetish is poisoning you. For me, I've always wondered: Would I have liked Rias' personal confession to me [and Issei] under the moonlight half as much if she wasn't a scantily clad busty redhead? We guys are so stupid, honestly.


Izzy: Leave Asia alone bully. And it seems a bit too meta to try to answer that in a review. Maybe we'll do it in a separate article, okay? In return, we can review everyone's oppai too!

Credits go to Kai, Izzy, and Izzy, respectively!


Kai: This looks like some sort of tent review.


Izzy: Now that's done with, we're gonna have a little talk on voice actresses and talent. Yoko Hikasa IMO has the best voice, no one in the anime industry could compare with her IMO, (or a few others, like Hayami Saori, etcetera) let alone anyone from outside Japan. I've always found dubs to be worse than the actual thing, so I'm insanely biased.

Kai: Fun fact: I endured all of Sekirei just for Hayami as Musubi.

True 95% of dubs suck, but the few good dubs make the search worthwhile. Most of the DxD English dub crew was forgettable, but Scott Freeman as Issei and Jamie Marchi as Rias really sold me. Freeman was a disgusting witty yet endearing perv, and Marchi really pulled off sexy. That M*mo fan transvestite was pretty great too. I really felt the immersion of being invited into a cosplaying stranger's house, and that must mean cha-ching to Funimation I guess.


Izzy: I think that should be about enough, wouldn't be too good to use all of our good material right now, yes?

Kai: I just remember that the show had a lot of bad rap going for it, but in fact, it had a lot hidden under the folds. I felt it's best assets were that it encouraged us the viewers through our prophet proxy Issei to always attempt to grasp even the heaviest of concepts.

Izzy: Well, those concepts weren't actually very heavy, though I'd bet something else was!


Kai: Well...If you want heavy DxD, I honestly think the show was meant to make us gay.

Review and scoring coming to you and your loved ones soon!